About Dhaman

Corporate Overview & History

The Arab Investment & Export Credit Guarantee Corporation «Dhaman» is a pan-Arab organization owned by the governments of Arab states and 4 Arab financial institutions, established in April 1974 as the first multilateral investment guarantee provider in the world, based in Kuwait.




  • Promote the flow of foreign direct investment (FDI) into Arab countries through providing political risk insurance to Arab & non-Arab investors and lenders.
  • Enhance Arab exports through providing political and commercial risk insurance to Arab exporters.
  • Support Arab domestic trade through providing commercial risk insurance to B to B sales.
  • Support economic growth in Arab countries through providing political & commercial risk insurance to non-Arab exporters and financial institutions involved in the sales of commodities, raw materials, equipment and other developmentally sound goods and services to Arab importers.
  • Carry out research and knowledge sharing activities, technical assistance to Arab FDI promotion agencies and cooperation with Arab & International organizations involved in investment promotion.



With our outstanding expertise for more than 40 years, we are your partner to guarantee your investments in the Arab countries and your exports worldwide.