About Dhaman

Corporate Overview & History

The Arab Investment & Export Credit Guarantee Corporation «Dhaman» is a pan-Arab organization owned by the governments of Arab states and 4 Arab financial institutions, established in April 1974 as the first multilateral investment guarantee provider in the world, based in Kuwait.




  • Promote the flow of foreign direct investment (FDI) into Arab countries through providing political risk insurance to Arab & non-Arab investors and lenders.
  • Enhance Arab exports through providing political and commercial risk insurance to Arab exporters.
  • Support Arab domestic trade through providing commercial risk insurance to B to B sales.
  • Support economic growth in Arab countries through providing political & commercial risk insurance to non-Arab exporters and financial institutions involved in the sales of commodities, raw materials, equipment and other developmentally sound goods and services to Arab importers.
  • Carry out research and knowledge sharing activities, technical assistance to Arab FDI promotion agencies and cooperation with Arab & International organizations involved in investment promotion.


Dhaman Services


  • Dhaman Investment Guarantee Scheme provides protection for Arab and Non- Arab investment in member countries against non- commercial risks: Nationalization and expropriation,Transfer, Military actions and
    civil disturbances, Breach of Contract. Business interruption, terrorism and sabotage.
  • Investment Guarantees for nationals and expatriates repatriating funds from abroad.
  • Export Credit Insurance Covers exporters against Commercial risks including bankruptcy, insolvency and default of buyers (debtors), and Non- commercial risks which includes risks that are beyond buyer’s control; assets expropriations, currency transfer risk, war or public civil disturbances, confiscation and nationalization.
  • Confirmed letter of credit insurance against commercial and non- commercial risks provided to Arab banks confirming LCS related to exports of goods and services of Arab origin and foreign banks confirming LCS related to Arab imports of strategic goods and commodities of non- Arab origin.
  • Unconfirmed Letter of Credit Insurance: insures commercial and non-commercial risks of dues under an Irrevocable Unconfirmed Letter of Credit (L/C) issued by banks accepted by Dhaman, in favor of an Arab exporter.
  • Contracting Equipment Guarantee: Dhaman has allocated this contract to guarantee equipment brought to, or purchased in the host country by Arab contractors.
  • Domestic Credit Insurance: provides domestic credit insurance as a complementary service to export credit insurance, enabling insured parties to benefit from a comprehensive coverage for both domestic and cross border sales.
  • Factoring insurance: offers factoring companies a comprehensive insurance coverage that reduces the risks incurred by insuring the domestic and export account receivables purchased from their clients.
  • Lease Insurance: provides insurance coverage for cross border leasing transactions, where Arab companies lease all type of assets; machineries, equipment and transportation vehicles to lessee worldwide, either operational or financial lease.
    Dhaman provides insurance coverage for strategic goods imports and industry inputs to the Arab countries.


With our outstanding expertise for more than 40 years, we are your partner to guarantee your investments in the Arab countries and your exports worldwide.