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Standard & Poor’s reaffirmed its “AA” rating for Dhaman with Stable Outlook (2018)


Standard & Poor’s Rating Services, one of the world’s leading rating agencies, under its revised criteria for multilateral lending institutions (MLIs) and other Supra-nationals, reaffirmed its “AA” rating on Dhaman and continued Stable Outlook, reflecting its very strong business profile and strong financial profile.

The Arab Investment and Export Credit Guarantee Corporation (Dhaman) is an autonomous Arab multilateral organization, established and based in Kuwait since 1974; it encompasses in its membership all Arab states and a number of Arab international organizations.  It serves as an export credit agency for the Arab region, supporting FDI’s into and trade with Arab states.

The S&P stated in its press release dated 29th March 2018 that their ratings on Dhaman continue to be based on their view of the agency’s very strong business profile and strong financial profile.  They added “Our assessment of Dhaman’s standalone credit profile (SACP) is ‘aa’. We incorporate no uplift from extraordinary shareholder support into our ‘AA’ ratings on Dhaman, since the capital base is currently fully subscribed and in the process of being paid-up”.

“The stable outlook reflects our expectation that Dhaman will meet its growth targets while maintaining strong financials as it meets its primary goal of helping service economic growth across the Arab region”.



spRating Report 2018 (PDF)                           Rating brouchre 2018


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