Investor Signals

Investor Signals

Investor Signals and Converted Signals

Date Updated: June 2019


The Investor Signals database, elaborated by FDI Markets, a service from the Financial Times Ltd, provides early warning indicators that a company may be considering investment before they have decided or officially announced where they plan to invest.
We provide you with information on all sectors and markets globally on the following signals related to Arab countries as potential location:


1. Considering Project (New or Expansion)
The company is considering a new investment project or an expansion at one of its existing subsidiaries. Typically, details of this project are available and the shortlisted country/countries are known.

2. New Investment Strategy
The company has a new investment plan or strategy for investment overseas or in another state (US only). This is a broad intention to invest overseas or inter-state, without details available yet on specific investment projects or on the specific country selected for investment (except in the case of very large markets like China or USA). Most plans relate to an investment strategy which includes multiple countries or a world region.

3. New Funding/Resources for Expansion
The company has either: (1) received funding of over $1 million (e.g. venture capital funding, private equity funding); (2) raised capital of over $10 million – typically on the stock market. These new resources may indicate that the company has additional financing to facilitate international expansion or inter-state investment (US only).

4. New Personnel
The company has appointed new personnel (e.g. business development or sales & marketing manager) responsible for expansion into a new region (e.g. Europe). This may indicate that the company will expand its international business.

5. New Overseas Supplier Contracts
The company has won a contract worth over $1 million in a foreign country or has a new license or subcontracting/outsourcing agreement worth over $1 million overseas. These can be with a foreign government or with a foreign company. The new contract may indicate that the company will consider an overseas investment.
We also provide information on converted signals in case that a signal develops into a confirmed FDI project.