Investor Signals


# Actual Signal Date Investing Company Parent Company Source country Source State Source City Destination Region(s) Destination Country(s) Industry Sector(s) Industry Cluster(s) Industry Activity(s) Description Signals Data source Contact name (1) Position (1) Email (1) Telephone (1) Contact name (2) Position (2) Email (2) Telephone (2) Contact name (3) Position (3) Email (3) Telephone (3)
1 Aug 2018 Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ) Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ) Belarus Belarus Minsk   Algeria|Angola|Nigeria Automotive OEM Transport Equipment Manufacturing Belarus-based Minsk Automobile Plant, a manufacturer of trucks, buses,
and towed vehicles, has announced it is considering plans to set up an
assembly company in Algeria, Angola or Nigeria.
Considering Project (New or Expansion) Anton Kozlovsky Head (Africa and Latin America), Export     Sergei Krel Deputy Manager, Sales            
2 Jul 2016 Pertamina Pertamina Indonesia Java Jakarta   Algeria|Iran|Iraq Coal, Oil and Natural Gas Energy   Indonesia-based Pertamina, an oil and gas company, plans to sign a
memorandum of understanding with the National Iranian Oil Company
regarding oil and gas processing. The firm has been studying
possibilities to cooperate with the country and also aims to establish
cooperation with Algeria and Iraq.
New Investment Strategy   Dwi Soetjipto President                    
3 Apr 2015 Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Company (Aman) Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Company (Aman) UAE Dubai Dubai   Algeria|Egypt Financial Services Financial Services   United Arab Emirates-based Dubai Islamic Insurance and Reinsurance
(AMAN) plans to expand in external markets with a particular focus on
Algeria and Egypt. The company expects to expand its Takaful market
presence as a priority initiative for 2015 and that moving forward is
bound by the completion of necessary studies.
New Investment Strategy   Jihad Faitrouni Chief Executive Officer                    
4 Jul 2014 Kirloskar Brothers Kirloskar Brothers India Maharashtra Pune   Algeria|Angola|Democratic Republic of Congo|Tunisia|Uganda|Zimbabwe Industrial Machinery, Equipment & Tools Industrial   India-based pump manufacturer Kirloskar Brothers has announced it plans
to expand its footprint into regions such as Tunisia, Algeria, Angola,
Uganda, Congo and Zimbabwe.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Ajeet Kulkarni Associate Vice President, Corporate International Business Support                    
5 May 2014 Dyson Dyson United Kingdom South West (UK) Not Specified   Algeria|Egypt|Morocco|Nigeria Consumer Electronics Consumer Goods   UK-based Dyson, a global vacuum cleaner manufacturer, plans to gain a
foothold in Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria and Egypt. The company intends to
invest further in R&D to expand its business in emerging markets.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Adam Garner Manager (International), Distribution                    
6 May 2014 Arabtec Holding Arabtec Holding UAE Dubai Dubai   Algeria|Iraq|Russia Real Estate Construction   United Arab Emirates-based Arabtec Holding, a company that engages in
civil construction and related works, is considering expansion in Iraq,
Algeria and Russia. The company is looking to build on existing regional
projects in its home market and propel itself into the top 10
construction firms worldwide by 2018.
New Investment Strategy   Hassan Abdullah Ismaik Chief Executive Officer                    
7 Apr 2012 Inbisa Inbisa Spain Pais Vasco Bilbao   Algeria|Angola|Colombia|Peru Real Estate Construction   Spain-based Inbisa, a provider of property development solutions, is
exploring international expansion opportunities. The company has
identified Colombia and Peru as possible expansion targets in South
America and also plans to focus on Algeria and Angola, where Inbisa has
the potential to close out contracts in the short to medium term.
New Investment Strategy   Benito Barbadillo Head (International)                    
8 Mar 2012 Bim Birlesik Magazalar A S Bim Birlesik Magazalar A S Turkey Turkey Istanbul   Algeria Food & Tobacco Food, Beverages & Tobacco|Retail Trade   Turkey-based BIM Birlesik Magazalar has announced the next market the
company would enter is Algeria. The company has also announced plans to
open retail stores in Egypt and expand it presence in Morocco. The
company’s stores offer food items and consumer goods.
New Investment Strategy   Galip AykaC Chief Operating Officer                    
9 Mar 2012 Sonae Sierra Sonae Portugal Portugal Maia   Algeria|Colombia|Germany|Italy|Morocco Real Estate Construction|Professional Services   Spanish property developer Sonae Sierra has announced that several
countries stand within its focus in 2012. It has highlighted Italy and
reiterated its interest in Germany. Further afield, the company would
like to actively explore further opportunities in Morocco, where it won
a contract in April 2011, as well as Colombia and Algeria where it is
already present.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)|New Investment Strategy   Fernando Guedes de Oliveira Chief Executive Officer, Sonae Sierra                    
10 Mar 2012 Ooredoo (Qatar Telecom) Ooredoo (Qatar Telecom) Qatar Qatar Doha   Algeria|Iraq|Tunisia Communications ICT & Electronics   Qatar Telecom (Qtel), a Qatar-based provider of domestic and
international telecommunication services, is planning to expand its
operations organically in Tunisia, Algeria and Iraq. The company
believes that its mobile and fixed networks in these countries need
major investment. Qtel will also seek licences for third generation
mobile technology in these countries, with licences for Tunisia and
Algeria possibly being issued in 2012.
New Investment Strategy   Nasser Marafih Chief Executive Officer                    
11 Nov 2011 Misonix Misonix United States New York Farmingdale (NY)   Algeria|India Medical Devices Life sciences   US-based Misonix, a medical device company that designs, manufactures,
and markets ultrasonic products worldwide, has entered into distribution
agreements in both India and Algeria. In India, it has entered into a
four year agreement with Cure Surgicals, while in Algeria it has entered
into a two year agreement with Sarl Excellence Sante, both for the
distribution of the SonaStar ultrasonic surgical aspirator and the
BoneScalpel ultrasonic bone cutter.
New Investment Strategy   Michael A McManus Chief Executive Officer                    
12 Apr 2011 Centrotherm Photovoltaics Centrotherm Photovoltaics Germany Baden-Wurttemberg Blaubeuren   Algeria Alternative/Renewable energy Environmental Technology   Germany-based Centrotherm Photovoltaics and US-based Kinetics Germany
have signed an agreement with Sonelgaz, to build an integrated solar
module manufacturing facility in Rouiba, Algeria. When completed, the
43,000 sq m site will have an annual production capacity of around 116
megawatts. As part of this turnkey project, Centrotherm Photovoltaics
will deliver all of the photovoltaic systems, ranging from
multi-crystalline ingot furnaces and ingot manufacturing through to
module production, and it will provide support to Sonelgaz all the way
through to system commissioning. Kinetics will be responsible for
engineering services, construction management, the turnkey production of
the building, and the technical fittings for the building. The first
high-performance modules should be produced by 2014 at the plant.
New Overseas Supplier Contracts   Robert M. Hartung Chief Executive Officer                    
13 Jul 2010 Kansai Paint Kansai Paint Japan Kansai Osaka   Algeria|Egypt|Morocco|Saudi Arabia Chemicals Industrial Manufacturing Kansai Paint, a Japan-based paints manufacturer, is considering further
expansion in the Middle East and North Africa. The company is
considering opening a plant in Saudi Arabia if the market becomes big
enough. It is also considering setting up further plants in Morocco,
Egypt and Algeria.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Syed Ameer Hamza Hasan Regional Manager, Marketing                    
14 Jul 2010 Bank Audi sal-Audi Saradar Group Bank Audi sal-Audi Saradar Group Lebanon Beyrouth Beirut   Algeria|Egypt|Jordan|Syria|Tunisia Financial Services Financial Services   Bank Audi, Lebanon’s largest lender by asset, is to continue to focus on
consolidating and strengthening its presence in markets including,
Egypt, Syria and Jordan and plans to enter new markets like Algeria and
Tunisia, as part of a new strategy to strengthen and diversify its
business outside Lebanon. The company’s ultimate aim is to become a
regional bank through cross-selling markets and business lines.
New Investment Strategy   Freddie Baz Director, Strategy                    
15 May 2010 Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC) Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC) Spain Catalonia Barcelona   Algeria Transportation Transportation, Warehousing & Storage Logistics, Distribution & Transportation Spanish construction company Grupo Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas
(FCC) has been awarded a contract by the Algerian transport ministry to
construct a 185 kilometre railway line. It will run west of Algiers and
connect Relizane, Tiaret and Tissemsilt. The contract is worth E1bn.
This will be a joint venture with Algerian building company Ethrb
New Overseas Supplier Contracts   Baldomero Falcones Chief Executive Officer                    
16 Jan 2010 Engro Corporation (Engro Chemical Pakistan) Engro Corporation (Engro Chemical Pakistan) Pakistan Not Specified Not Specified   Algeria|Morocco|Tunisia Chemicals Food, Beverages & Tobacco Manufacturing Pakistan-based Engro Corporation, formerly known as Engro Chemical
Pakistan, is to invest $1bn in North Africa. The company intends to
build a phosphate fertiliser plant in the region and is currently
considering three countries for the project: Morocco, Algeria and
Tunisia. The decision is expected to be made in 2010.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Asad Umar Chief Executive