Investor Signals


# Actual Signal Date Investing Company Parent Company Source country Source State Source City Destination Region(s) Destination Country(s) Industry Sector(s) Industry Cluster(s) Industry Activity(s) Description Signals Data source Contact name (1) Position (1) Email (1) Telephone (1) Contact name (2) Position (2) Email (2) Telephone (2) Contact name (3) Position (3) Email (3) Telephone (3)
1 Sep 2018 Sarwa Sarwa UAE Dubai Dubai Africa|Middle East Egypt|Saudi Arabia Software & IT services Financial Services   United Arab Emiates-based Sarwa, which operates an automated investment
platform, has raised $1.3m in a pre-series A funding round. The funding
round was led by Middle East Venture Partners. The company stated that
the funding will be used to expand its services to the Middle East and
north Africa, with the main focus being placed on Saudi Arabia and
New Funding/Resources for Expansion Mark Chahwan Chief Executive Officer   Nadine Mezher Chief Marketing Officer     Danny Jabbour Head, Wealth Advisory    
2 Aug 2018 Britannia Industries Wadia Group India Maharashtra Mumbai   Bangladesh|Egypt|Kenya|Myanmar|Nigeria Food & Tobacco Food, Beverages & Tobacco Manufacturing Britannia Industries, a manufacturer of bakery and dairy foods and a
subsidiary of India-based Wadia Group, has announced its plans for
global expansion. The company plans to open a manufacturing facility
every year in a new country and is evaluating countries such as
Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nigeria, Kenya, and Egypt to set up units.
Britannia is open to inorganic growth and acquisitions or joint venture
partnerships and expects its international business to contribute to 15%
of its turnover by 2023.
Considering Project (New or Expansion) Varun Berry Managing Director, Britannia Industries     Varun Berry Managing Director            
3 Aug 2018 Revolution Precrafted Revolution Precrafted Philippines National Capital Region (NCR) Makati Africa|Middle East Egypt|Morocco|Saudi Arabia Business Services|Real Estate Professional Services   Philippines-based Revolution Precrafted Properties, an architect firm
which designs and delivers pre-crafted homes and pavilions, plans to
expand its operations in the Middle East and north Africa. The company
will focus its activities in Morocco, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
New Investment Strategy Robbie Antonio Chief Executive Officer                    
4 May 2018 Alargan International Real Estate Company Alargan International Real Estate Company Kuwait Hawalli As-Salimiyah   Egypt|India Real Estate Construction   Kuwait-based real estate company Alargan International Real Estate is
eyeing the Indian and Egyptian real estate markets for significant
investments as part of its regional expansion strategy.
New Investment Strategy Khaled Al Mashaan Chief Executive Officer                    
5 Mar 2018 Hewlett-Packard (HP) Hewlett-Packard (HP) United States California Palo Alto (CA)   Egypt Business Machines & Equipment|Software & IT services ICT & Electronics   US-based Hewlett-Packard, a computer giant, has expressed an interest in
expanding its operations in Egypt to the Egyptian Minister of
Communications and Information Technology, Yasser El-Kady. The company
offers a range of technology solutions including Internet of Things,
cloud computing, network security and specialised software.
New Investment Strategy Antonio Neri Chief Executive Officer                    
6 Feb 2018 DEA Deutsche Erdoel (RWE Dea) DEA Deutsche Erdoel (RWE Dea) Germany Hamburg Hamburg   Egypt Coal, Oil and Natural Gas Energy Extraction Germany-based DEA Deutsche Erdoel, an oil and gas company, will invest
$500m in projects in Egypt by early 2021. The company has indicated the
possibility of increasing production in the Gulf of Suez oil fields, as
well as the development of the three fields in the West Nile Delta.
Considering Project (New or Expansion) Maria Moraeus Hanssen Chief Executive Officer                    
7 Feb 2018 Dragon Oil Emirates National Oil (ENOC) UAE Dubai Dubai   Egypt Coal, Oil and Natural Gas Energy   Dragon Oil, an independent international oil and gas exploration company
and a subsidiary of United Arab Emirates-based Emirates National Oil
(ENOC), is looking at investments in Egypt as it seeks to expand its
regional footprint. The company has identified hydrocarbon production as
an important energy source and has referenced plans by the local
government to boost investment in the petrochemical sector by 2023.
New Investment Strategy Saif Al Falasi Chief Executive Officer                    
8 Sep 2017 Britannia Industries Wadia Group India Maharashtra Mumbai   Egypt Food & Tobacco Food, Beverages & Tobacco   Britannia Industries, a subsidiary of India-based Bombay Burmah, is
considering expanding to Egypt as it seeks to grow its international
footprint. The company is eyeing Egypt due to its location and potential
to be a launchpad for further expansion into north Africa
New Investment Strategy   Varun Berry Managing Director, Britannia Industries                    
9 Jul 2017 Kuwait Finance House Kuwait Finance House Kuwait Al-Kuwait Kuwait City   China|Egypt Financial Services Financial Services Business Services Kuwait-based Kuwait Finance House, which provides banking and other
financial services, is considering establishing a branch in China and
may apply for a license to operate in Egypt. It comes on the back of
anticipated opportunities in the countries and will enable the bank to
expand outside of the GCC region.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Mazin Saad al-Nahedh Chief Executive Officer                    
10 Apr 2017 S.C. Johnson & Son S.C. Johnson & Son United States Wisconsin Racine (WI)   Egypt Consumer Products Consumer Goods Logistics, Distribution & Transportation|Manufacturing|Sales, Marketing
& Support
US-based household products manufacturer S.C. Johnson & Son is
considering expanding its operations in Egypt as it seeks to reach other
African markets. If the investment goes ahead, Egypt will serve as a
commercial and logistic hub of the company’s products for Africa.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Herbert Fisk Johnson Chief Executive Officer     Salman Amin Chief Operating Officer            
11 Mar 2017 Careem Careem UAE Dubai Dubai   Egypt Software & IT services Transportation, Warehousing & Storage   United Arab Emirates-based Careem, a provider of private car booking
services, has hired Ramy Kato as head of operations for Egypt. In his
new role Mr Kato will be responsible for managing all of the firm’s
operations in Egypt including overlooking its expansion plans in the
local market, government relations and day-to-day business operations.
Mr Kato will also help drive business growth for each of the seven new
cities Careem is expanding to, as well as supporting strategic
partnership, R&D activities and the creation of new jobs.
New Personnel   Mudassir Sheikha Chief Executive Officer     Ramy Kato Head (Egypt), Operations            
12 Mar 2017 Decathlon (Oxylane) Auchan Group (Mulliez Group) France Nord-Pas-de-Calais Croix   Egypt Textiles Retail Trade|Wood, Apparel & Related Products Logistics, Distribution & Transportation|Manufacturing|Retail Sports retailer Decathlon, a subsidiary of France-based Auchan Group, is
considering establishing 70 new stores in Egypt by 2027. It forms part
of a wider growth strategy for the country which will see the firm
create thousands of new jobs as it invests in local distribution and
manufacturing operations.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Eric Beaudoin Chairman, Board of Directors                    
13 Jan 2017 BroadbandTV (BBTV) BroadbandTV (BBTV) Canada British Columbia Vancouver   Egypt|Malaysia|Saudi Arabia|Singapore|South Korea|Taiwan|UAE|Vietnam Software & IT services Creative Industries   Canada-based BroadbandTV, an Internet broadcasting specialist, is
expanding its global footprint. The network is launching in Singapore,
Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, United Arab
Emirates and Egypt. It will operate through a combination of teams at
its Vancouver headquarters and employees on the ground.
New Investment Strategy   Shahrzad Rafati Chief Executive Officer                    
14 Jan 2017 Bridg Bridg UAE Dubai Dubai   Egypt|India|Indonesia|Myanmar|Saudi Arabia Software & IT services Financial Services   United Arab Emirates-based Bridg, developer of a consumer-to-merchant
smartphone payment platform, is planning international expansion during
2017. The company is planning its next round of funding in order to
increase its domestic footprint and expand in Saudi Arabia, Egypt,
India, Indonesia and Myanmar.
New Investment Strategy   Moussa Beidas Co-founder     Nadim Jarudi Co-founder            
15 Oct 2016 Chalhoub Chalhoub UAE Dubai Dubai   Egypt Consumer Products |Textiles Retail Trade   United Arab Emirates-based Chalhoub, a luxury brands retailer, is
viewing the potential to develop the market in Egypt. It has also
recently expanded its perfumery to Morocco.
New Investment Strategy   Francois Schweitzer General Manager, Business Development, Retail                    
16 May 2016 The National Commercial Bank The National Commercial Bank Saudi Arabia Makkah Jeddah   Egypt|Indonesia|Malaysia|Turkey Financial Services Financial Services   Saudi Arabia-based The National Commercial Bank, is planning overseas
expansion. The bank plans to grow its operation in Turkey and expand in
other countries such as Egypt, Malaysia and Indonesia.
New Investment Strategy   Mansour al-Maiman Chairman                    
17 May 2016 Al Salam Group Holding Al Salam Group Holding Kuwait Al-Kuwait Kuwait City   Egypt Alternative/Renewable energy|Coal, Oil and Natural Gas|Real Estate Construction|Energy|Environmental Technology   Kuwait-based Al Salam Group Holding, a diversified holding company,
plans to expand its presence in Egypt. The company has indicated that it
expects to make investments mainly in real estate and energy projects.
New Investment Strategy   Mushari Al Majed Chairperson                    
18 Mar 2016 Nestle Nestle Switzerland Switzerland Vevey   Egypt Food & Tobacco Food, Beverages & Tobacco   Switzerland-based Nestle, a food company, plans to expand its activities
in Egypt. The company has indicated that it will invest E1bn ($127.78m)
in Egypt due to continuing growth. Nestle’s existing presence in Egypt
encompasses manufacturing, sales and distribution.
New Investment Strategy   Yasser Abdul Malak Chairperson (North-east Africa)                    
19 Feb 2016 Crystal Lagoons Crystal Lagoons Netherlands West-Nederland Amsterdam   Egypt Leisure & Entertainment Tourism   Netherlands-based Crystal Lagoons, a developer of crystalline lagoons,
has been awarded a new contract to undertake projects in Egypt. The $2bn
contract will see the firm develop a number of lagoons, covering 32
hectares in total.
New Overseas Supplier Contracts   Carlos Salas Regional Director (Middle East)                    
20 Feb 2016 Amwal Real Estate Eskan Global Kuwait Hawalli As-Salimiyah   Egypt Real Estate Construction Construction Amwal Real Estate, a subsidiary of Kuwait-based Eskan Global, plans to
invest E2bn in a number of real estate projects in Egypt during 2016.
The company has identified Egypt as a promising market to invest in.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Fatima Al Sabah Chairperson, Amwal Real Estate                    
21 Jan 2016 Masdar Mubadala Development UAE Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi   Egypt|India|Jordan|Morocco Alternative/Renewable energy Environmental Technology Electricity Masdar, a subsidiary of United Arab Emirates-based Mubadala Development,
has indicated that it is considering new investments in Morocco, Egypt
and Jordan. The company has pointed to the strong potential for both
wind and solar power projects. The company has also highlighted India as
a potential growth location.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi Chief Executive Officer, Masdar                    
22 Nov 2015 Abdullah AM Al-Khodari Sons Abdullah AM Al-Khodari Sons Saudi Arabia Eastern Province Al-Khobar   Egypt Business Services Industrial   Saudi Arabia-based Abdullah AM Al-Khodari Sons plans to expand its
operations into Egypt. The company will enter the market via the
execution of new projects in a variety of sectors. The firm is
negotiating with different governmental authorities for the opportunity
to participate in a number of projects.
New Investment Strategy   Fawwaz AlKhodari Chief Executive Officer                    
23 Oct 2015 GAZ Russian Machines Russia Central Federal District Moscow   Egypt Automotive OEM Transport Equipment Manufacturing Car maker GAZ, a subsidiary of Russia-based Russian Machines, has
expressed interest in establishing a new production base in Egypt. It
already supplies equipment to Egypt, therefore setting up operations in
the country would cut costs for the company.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Pavel Sereda Head, Light Commercial Vehicle, GAZ                    
24 Jul 2015 Siemens Siemens Germany Bayern Munich   Egypt Communications |Non-Automotive Transport OEM Transport Equipment   Germany-based Siemens, an industrial conglomerate, has signed a new
memorandum of understanding with Egyptian National Railways. The
initiative aims to strengthen co-operation in projects focused on
developing the electrification systems of the major railway lines in
Egypt. Alongside railway development, the project will serve to
modernise and develop the railway signs systems.
New Overseas Supplier Contracts   Jorg Scheifler Chief Executive Officer (Middle East), Infrastructure and Cities                    
25 Jun 2015 Emirates Foodstuff and Mineral Water Company (Agthia Group) Senaat (General Holding Corporation) UAE Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi   Egypt|Saudi Arabia|Turkey Business Services|Food & Tobacco Food, Beverages & Tobacco|Professional Services|Retail Trade   Agthia, a subsidiary of United Arab Emirates-based Senaat, plans to
expand its operations in Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia through a Dh200m
($54.45m) investment. The company has indicated that it expects to focus
on water in Turkey, business to consumer in Egypt and a variety of
select products in Saudi Arabia. A definitive time-frame has not yet
been decided upon, but the company has stated that it expects to enter
Saudi Arabia during the second half of 2015 and has not ruled out the
potential of acquisitions.
New Investment Strategy   Iqbal Hamzah Chief Executive Officer, Agthia                    
26 May 2015 Eshraq Properties Eshraq Properties UAE Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi   Egypt Real Estate Construction   United Arab Emirates-based property development company Eshraq
Properties plans to enter the real estate market in Egypt. The company
currently operates in the UAE and regards demand in Egypt to be strong.
New Investment Strategy   Jamal Al-Saghir Chief Executive Officer                    
27 Apr 2015 Eagle Hills Eagle Hills UAE Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi   Egypt Real Estate Construction Construction United Arab Emirates-based Eagle Hills, an international property
developer, has been awarded a contract to build a new city near Cairo,
Egypt. The $80bn development will be constructed over a 12 year period
and encompass numerous joint venture initiatives with a variety of
companies. The project itself will include an airport, hotels, and a
mall as well as amenities such as hospitals and schools.
New Overseas Supplier Contracts   Mohamed Al-Abbar Member, Board of Directors                    
28 Apr 2015 Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Company (Aman) Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Company (Aman) UAE Dubai Dubai   Algeria|Egypt Financial Services Financial Services   United Arab Emirates-based Dubai Islamic Insurance and Reinsurance
(AMAN) plans to expand in external markets with a particular focus on
Algeria and Egypt. The company expects to expand its Takaful market
presence as a priority initiative for 2015 and that moving forward is
bound by the completion of necessary studies.
New Investment Strategy   Jihad Faitrouni Chief Executive Officer                    
29 Mar 2015 PepsiCo PepsiCo United States New York Purchase (NY)   Egypt Beverages|Food & Tobacco Food, Beverages & Tobacco   US-based beverage company PepsiCo plans to invest $500m in Egypt during
2015 across all of its business units. PepsiCo has 11 factories across
Egypt and 47 distribution locations.
New Investment Strategy   Ahmed El-Shaikh General Manager (north-east Africa)                    
30 Mar 2015 Eni SpA (Eni) Eni SpA (Eni) Italy Lazio Rome   Egypt Coal, Oil and Natural Gas Energy   Italy-based Eni, an international energy conglomerate, plans to invest
$5bn in Egypt by 2019. The initiative aims to develop Egypt’s oil
resources and will aim to develop 200 million barrels of oil and 37
billion cubic metres of gas.
New Investment Strategy   Claudio Descalzi Chief Executive Officer                    
31 Feb 2015 Al Habtoor Group Al Habtoor Group UAE Dubai Dubai   Egypt Automotive Components|Automotive OEM|Hotels & Tourism|Real Estate Construction|Tourism|Transport Equipment   United Arab Emirates-based Al Habtoor Group, a diversified conglomerate,
is planning to invest in Egypt. The company is currently examining
business opportunities in the automotive, real estate and hospitality
New Investment Strategy   Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor Chairperson                    
32 Feb 2015 Emaar Properties Emaar Properties UAE Dubai Dubai   Egypt Hotels & Tourism|Real Estate Construction|Professional Services|Tourism   United Arab Emirates-based Emaar Properties, a real estate developer and
hotel operator, has indicated that it is planning to invest in Egypt.
The considered investment would be in addition to E10bn ($1.31bn) of
implemented real estate projects in the country and is expected to
target Egypt’s emerging technology cities.
New Investment Strategy   Mohamed Ali Alabbar Chairman                    
33 Feb 2015 Swiss-Belhotel Swiss-Belhotel Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong   Egypt|Indonesia|Jordan|Morocco|Tunisia|Turkey Hotels & Tourism Tourism Construction Hong Kong-based hotel company Swiss-Belhotel plans to enter into new
markets as part of its international expansion plan in the Middle East
and north Africa during 2015. The company is interested in entering
markets including Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco as well as grow its
existing presence in Indonesia. It is also in negotiations to enter the
Jordanian market. Additionally, Swiss-Belhotel will open new hotels in
the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and Iraq.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Noel Massoud Head (Middle East), Operations and Development                    
34 Dec 2014 BP Egypt British Petroleum (BP) United Kingdom South East (UK) London   Egypt Coal, Oil and Natural Gas Energy   BP Egypt, a subsidiary of UK-based oil major British Petroleum, plans to
invest $12bn in Egypt by 2019. The investment is aimed at expanding the
firm’s operations and doubling Egypt’s access to gas supplies.
New Investment Strategy   Hesham Mekawi Manager (North Africa)                    
35 May 2014 Dyson Dyson United Kingdom South West (UK) Not Specified   Algeria|Egypt|Morocco|Nigeria Consumer Electronics Consumer Goods   UK-based Dyson, a global vacuum cleaner manufacturer, plans to gain a
foothold in Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria and Egypt. The company intends to
invest further in R&D to expand its business in emerging markets.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Adam Garner Manager (International), Distribution                    
36 May 2014 Vodafone Vodafone United Kingdom South East (UK) Newbury   Egypt Communications ICT & Electronics|Retail Trade   UK-based Vodafone, a communications specialist, plans to expand its
operations in Egypt. The firm expects to invest E9bn ($1.28bn) in Egypt
by 2017, creating up to 3000 new jobs.
New Investment Strategy   Serpil Timuray Chief Executive Officer (Africa, Middle East and Asia-Pacific)                    
37 Mar 2014 Coca-Cola Coca-Cola United States Georgia Atlanta (GA)   Egypt Beverages Food, Beverages & Tobacco   US-based Coca-Cola, a global beverage giant, plans to invest $500m in
Egypt. The investment is intended to reflect the firm’s confidence in
the country’s investment climate.
New Investment Strategy   Ahmet Bozer President (International)                    
38 Jun 2013 Qualitynet Qualitynet Kuwait Al-Kuwait Kuwait City   Egypt|Iraq|Qatar|Saudi Arabia Communications ICT & Electronics   Kuwait-based QualityNet, an Internet provider, is looking to expand
overseas to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iraq in a bid to counter
slowing growth in its domestic market. The firm is focusing on a major
deal in Egypt and a couple of major deals in Saudi Arabia and sees
potential in Qatar and Iraq.
New Investment Strategy   Waleed Saleh Al Qallaf Chief Executive Officer                    
39 Jun 2013 Metito Metito UAE Sharjah Sharjah   China|Egypt|Indonesia Industrial Machinery, Equipment & Tools Environmental Technology   United Arab Emirates-based Metito, which offers water treatment services
has secured long-term financing to support expansion plans in Indonesia,
Egypt and China. The firm plans to invest heavily in the Chinese water
market after taking full control of its joint venture there with
Berlinwasser International.
New Investment Strategy   Rami Ghandour Managing Director                    
40 May 2013 Fawaz Alhokair Group Fawaz Alhokair Group Saudi Arabia Riyadh Riyadh   Egypt Real Estate|Textiles Construction|Energy|Retail Trade   Saudi Arabia-based Fawaz Alhokair Group, a diversified retail and real
estate business, has announced plans to invest E5bn into projects within
Egypt between 2013 and 2014. world. The money will be invested in
shopping malls, as well as projects in the construction and energy
New Investment Strategy   Fawaz Alhokair Chairman                    
41 Mar 2013 Die Zeit Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck Germany Baden-Wurttemberg Stuttgart   Egypt|Lebanon Business Services Creative Industries Business Services Die Zeit, a weekly newspaper operating as a subsidiary of Germany-based
Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, wants to open an office in an
Arabic-speaking country and will choose between either Cairo, Egypt or
Lebanon, Beirut for the project. As a reporter will be deployed there,
it is decisive how radical Islam will be practised in the next future
with regard to the reporter’s freedom of movement.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Bernd Ulrich Deputy Editor, Politics, Die Zeit                    
42 Dec 2012 Uno de 50 Uno de 50 Spain Comunidad de Madrid Alcobendas   Egypt|Russia|Saudi Arabia Consumer Products Retail Trade   Uno de 50, a Spain-based fashion jewellery and accessories brand, is
considering entering countries like Russia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The
company has recently decided to establish a presence in the US market.
New Investment Strategy   Alvaro Blanco Hortiguera Director, Commercial                    
43 Nov 2012 Byblos Bank Byblos Bank Lebanon Beyrouth Beirut   Egypt|Libya Financial Services Financial Services Business Services Lebanon-based Byblos Bank is considering expanding operations in Libya
and Egypt. The bank is looking into making a $300m investment in Egypt,
a country where the bank already has a presence, and a $50m investment
in Libya through opening branches or taking over the operations of a
small private sector bank.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Sami Haddad General Manager                    
44 Oct 2012 Spirit Aerosystems Spirit Aerosystems United States Kansas Wichita (KS)   Egypt Aerospace Transport Equipment Maintenance & Servicing US-based Spirit AeroSystems, a designer and manufacturer of
aero-structures for commercial aircraft, and Ethiopian Airlines have
signed a supply agreement whereby Spirit AeroSystems aftermarket
customer support will provide thrust reverser, fuselage, and wing
component spare parts for Ethiopian Airlines’ fleet of Boeing aircraft.
It is the company’s first contract customer in Africa and is a
significant milestone for the company as it continues to expand its
global support footprint.
New Overseas Supplier Contracts   Mike Williams Vice President, Aftermarket Customer Support                    
45 Sep 2012 Agility Agility Kuwait Al-Kuwait Kuwait City   Egypt|Libya|Tunisia Transportation Transportation, Warehousing & Storage   Kuwait-based Agility, a logistics firm, plans to focus its expansion on
emerging markets, much of it in countries that experienced Arab Spring
upheavals. The company is in talks with the new governments in Egypt,
Tunisia and Libya on increasing its presence and investments as it
changes tack and puts less emphasis on defence services.
New Investment Strategy   Tarek Sultan Chief Executive Officer                    
46 Sep 2012 VanHan VanHan United Kingdom South East (UK) London   Egypt|India|Nigeria|UAE Real Estate Professional Services   VanHan, the luxury UK-based residential agency, has announced that it
plans to expand into countries which have good track records of
residents buying prime central London property. The company named Dubai
and Abu Dhabi, of the United Arab Emirates, as well as Egypt, Nigeria
and India as potential locations. In particular, the company is seeing
an influx of business from the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.
New Investment Strategy   Giles Hannah Co-Founder                    
47 May 2012 Swiss-Belhotel Swiss-Belhotel Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong   Egypt|Lebanon|Saudi Arabia Hotels & Tourism Tourism   Hong Kong-based hotel company Swiss-Belhotel is planning to more than
double its property portfolio worldwide, with a major focus on further
growth in the Middle East. The company is particularly eyeing
opportunities in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Egypt. It is currently
evaluating a number of possible locations in Saudi Arabia and is keen to
enter Lebanon. The company is also awaiting greater political stability
in Egypt where it would like to make its first entry in Cairo.
Swiss-Belhotel operates both wholly owned and managed hotels.
New Investment Strategy   Magdi Samman Regional Director (Middle East), Operations and Development                    
48 May 2012 Haier Group Haier Group China Shandong Qingdao   Egypt Consumer Electronics Consumer Goods   China-based electronic appliances company Haier has announced the
appointment of International Business Systems as its authorised
distributor in Egypt, allowing the company to offer its home appliance
and consumer electronics products for the first time to the Egyptian
market. Egypt is seen as market with tremendous potential by the
company, and establishing a strong presence there will allow it to reach
new customers and support one of the fastest growing consumer markets in
the Middle East.
New Investment Strategy   Hu Jianhua Sales Executive                    
49 Feb 2012 Mediterranean and Gulf Insurance and Reinsurance Company (Medgulf) LFZ Holding Lebanon Beyrouth Beirut   Egypt|Iraq|Turkey Financial Services Financial Services   Insurance provider Mediterranean and Gulf Insurance and Reinsurance
Company (Medgulf), a subsidiary of Lebanon-based LFZ Holding, plans to
expand into Egypt, Turkey and Iraq. The company is planning the
expansion after the International Finance Corporation, a member of the
World Bank Group, announced that it would invest $124m into the company
in return for a 15% equity stake. Medgulf will use the cash injection to
extend its health and commercial risk insurance services to the three
countries, which it views as being currently underserved in terms of
insurance provision.
New Funding/Resources for Expansion|New Investment Strategy   Lutfi El Zein Chairperson, Mediterranean and Gulf Insurance and Reinsurance Company                    
50 Jan 2012 Al-Homaizi Group Al-Homaizi Group Kuwait Al-Kuwait Kuwait City   Bahrain|Egypt|Jordan|Lebanon|Oman|Qatar|Saudi Arabia Consumer Products |Textiles Retail Trade Retail MultiTrend International (MTI), a member of Kuwait-based conglomerate
Al-Homaizi Group, is investigating the possibility of expanding its
Franklin & Marshall-branded franchise fashion stores in the Middle East
and north Africa. The company has opened stores in Kuwait and the United
Arab Emirates, and is examining the possibility of doing the same in
Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. In addition MTI is
planning to open My Buy department stores across the Gulf Co-operation
Council region, after opening one such store in Dubai.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Maen Merheby Director, Retail, MultiTrend International                    
51 Jan 2012 Optivite Anpario (Kiotech International) United Kingdom East Midlands (UK) Worksop   Egypt|Jordan|Saudi Arabia Food & Tobacco Food, Beverages & Tobacco   Animal nutrition company Optivite, a subsidiary of UK-based Anpario, has
signed new distribution agreements in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt,
continuing the company’s expansion in the Middle East. Optivite has
appointed Middle East Vet Drug store in Jordan, the Ali Ibrahim Al
Nasser Establishment in Saudi Arabia and EgyVet Care in Egypt, who are
authorised to distribute, market and support the company’s product range
in the region.
New Overseas Supplier Contracts   Mike Corbett Managing Director, Optivite                    
52 Oct 2011 Koctas Kingfisher United Kingdom South East (UK) London   Armenia|Azerbaijan|Egypt|France|Iraq|Kazakhstan|Turkmenistan Consumer Products Consumer Goods|Retail Trade   UK-based Kingfisher has announced that its subsidiary, Koctas, has
announced that it has plans to expand Koctas into markets near or
neighbouring Turkey, such as like Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan,
Kazakhstan, Iraq and Egypt. Koctas also thinks there are still
opportunities to grow business in France. The company specialises in
home improvement and is also a wholesaler of construction materials.
New Investment Strategy   Ian Cheshire Chief Executive Officer                    
53 Sep 2011 Korea Water Resources Korea Water Resources South Korea Daejeon Daejeon   Australia|Bulgaria|China|Egypt|India|Indonesia|Ireland|Mexico|South
Industrial Machinery, Equipment & Tools Environmental Technology   South Korea-based company Korea Water Resources plans to aggressively
expand its water supply business opportunities in international markets.
The company has identified ten target markets where it wants to achieve
50% of its revenues by 2020. They are Australia, Bulgaria, China, Egypt,
India, Indonesia, Ireland, Mexico, South Africa, and Thailand.
New Investment Strategy   Chan Jeong Director, International Business                    
54 Jun 2011 Sisecam Sisecam Turkey Turkey Istanbul   China|Egypt|Greece|Iraq Ceramics & Glass Construction   Turkish glass-making giant Sisecam is looking for expansion
opportunities and has named China, Greece, Egypt and Iraq as
destinations of interest. The company, best known for its production of
flat glass, is looking to grow its sales volume by 15% in 2011.
New Investment Strategy   Ahmet Kirman Chief Executive Officer                    
55 Jun 2011 Nestle Nestle Switzerland Switzerland Vevey   Egypt Food & Tobacco Food, Beverages & Tobacco   Switzerland-based food company Nestle has announced that intends to
invest between $200m and $250m in Egypt by 2016. The company views the
Egypt market as a prime market for growth.
New Investment Strategy   Suresh Narayanan Managing Director, Nestle India                    
56 Jun 2011 Modus Healthcare International Modus Healthcare International United States Florida Tampa (FL)   Egypt Healthcare Life sciences Construction US-based Modus Healthcare International, which designs and constructs
healthcare buildings, has announced that it is interested in building
medical facilities in Egypt. The new centres would provide the local
medical market with US quality healthcare. The company is attracted by
the country’s qualified workforce.
New Investment Strategy   Brent Yessin Chief Executive Officer                    
57 Jun 2011 Majid Al Futtaim Properties Majid Al Futtaim Group (MAF Group) UAE Dubai Dubai   Egypt Real Estate Construction Construction United Arab Emirates-based Majid Al Futtaim Properties, a developer and
manager of shopping centres, hotels, and subsidiary of Majid Al Futtaim,
is planning significant expansion in Egypt. Representatives of the
company recently met with Egyptian government officials.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Peter Walichnowski Chief Executive Officer, Majid Al Futtaim Properties                    
58 May 2011 Petroceltic Petroceltic Ireland Ireland Dublin   Egypt Coal, Oil and Natural Gas Energy   Ireland-based oil explorer, Petroceltic, is eyeing oil and gas deals in
Egypt and Tunisia to take advantage of a funding gap brought about by
unrest in the north African region. The company is considering
investments into both farm-ins and new licence applications in Egypt,
Tunisia and elsewhere. It will have $100m of unallocated capital to
spend on deals in the future.
New Investment Strategy   Brian O’Cathain Chief Executive Officer                    
59 Mar 2011 Orimix Concrete Products Bitumat Saudi Arabia Eastern Province Dammam   Egypt|Qatar|Saudi Arabia Building & Construction Materials Construction   United Arab Emirates-based Orimix Concrete Products, a leading ready mix
concrete (RMC) company, is exploring opportunities in other geographic
regions to maintain its organic growth. The company has identified
Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Qatar as the next most potential markets for RMC
and its allied businesses.
New Investment Strategy   Abdullah Ahmad Al-Shaheen Chairman, Orimix Concrete Products                    
60 Feb 2011 EHL Ingredients EHL Ingredients United Kingdom North West (UK) Stockport   Egypt|India Food & Tobacco Food, Beverages & Tobacco Manufacturing EHL Ingredients is aiming to establish joint ventures overseas to grow
herb and spice crops. The company is in talks with suppliers in India
and Egypt over proposals to start the company’s own plantations next
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Emma Haq Managing Director                    
61 Jan 2011 Cummins Cummins United States Indiana Columbus (IN)   Angola|Egypt|Morocco|Nigeria|South Africa Engines & Turbines Transport Equipment Manufacturing US-based engine maker Cummins is looking at opportunities to invest $75m
in Africa by 2016. The funds would be invested in building engines used
in sectors such as mining, power generation and oil and gas. Egypt,
Angola, Nigeria, Morocco and South Africa are countries which may be
invested in. The company already has operations in Nigeria and South
New Investment Strategy   Tim Solso Chief Executive Officer                    
62 Dec 2010 Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Daimler AG Germany Baden-Wurttemberg Stuttgart   Bangladesh|Egypt|Indonesia|Iran|Mexico|Nigeria|Pakistan|Philippines|South
Automotive OEM Transport Equipment   Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus (MFTBC), a subsidiary of Daimler, is
focusing on the Next 11 markets, comprising Egypt, Indonesia, Iran,
South Korea, Philippines, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey, Vietnam &
Bangladesh, as it looks for growth. The announcement comes as the
company enters Pakistan by importing trucks from Japan.
New Investment Strategy   Kai-Uwe Seidenfuss Vice President (International), Sales and Service, Mitsubishi Fust Truck
and Bus
63 Oct 2010 Arabtec Holding Arabtec Holding UAE Dubai Dubai   Egypt Real Estate Construction   United Arab Emirates-based building company Arabtec Holding has won a
contract worth Dh195m ($53m) to build a project in Egypt for property
developer Amer Group Holding. Arbatec’s current strategy is to diversify
geographically outside of the UAE following the slump in construction
projects in its domestic market.
New Overseas Supplier Contracts   Riad Kamal Chief Executive                    
64 Sep 2010 Genpact (GECIS) Genpact (GECIS) Bermuda Pembroke Hamilton   Egypt|Jordan|Lebanon Business Services Professional Services Customer Contact Centre Genpact, a business processing outsourcing company, is planning to
expand in west Asia, with the company exploring Egypt, Jordan and
Lebanon for setting up centres to serve local clients. The company will
start with 50 to 100 people in the centres.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Tiger Tyagarajan Chief Executive Officer                    
65 Sep 2010 China Petroleum and Chemical (Sinopec) China Petroleum and Chemical (Sinopec) China Beijing Municipality Beijing   Egypt Coal, Oil and Natural Gas Energy Headquarters|Sales, Marketing & Support China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec) is an energy and
chemical company, has announced that it is considering the establishment
of a oil services company to serve Egypt, the Middle East and Africa.
The company is considering establishing a company in cooperation with
the Egyptian government.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Su Shulin President                    
66 Aug 2010 Bombardier Aerospace Bombardier Canada Quebec Montreal   Egypt Aerospace Transport Equipment   Bombardier Aerospace, the aeroplane manufacturing division of
Canada-based Bombardier, has received a $62m order for two 70 to 80 seat
planes from Smart Aviation, an Egyptian charter company which is
starting a new regional airline. The order comes as Bombardier Aerospace
continues its efforts to expand its business in the Middle East and
New Overseas Supplier Contracts   Gary Scott President, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft                    
67 Aug 2010 Kaya Skin Care Marico India Maharashtra Mumbai   Egypt Consumer Products Retail Trade Retail Kaya Skin Care, a subsidiary of India-based Marico, is considering
opening a new outlet in Egypt, as part of a long-term investment
strategy. The company plans to develop its brand in the GCC region and
increase its market presence.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Samir Srivastav Director (Middle East and North Africa), Business, Kaya Skin Clinic                    
68 Jul 2010 Kansai Paint Kansai Paint Japan Kansai Osaka   Algeria|Egypt|Morocco|Saudi Arabia Chemicals Industrial Manufacturing Kansai Paint, a Japan-based paints manufacturer, is considering further
expansion in the Middle East and North Africa. The company is
considering opening a plant in Saudi Arabia if the market becomes big
enough. It is also considering setting up further plants in Morocco,
Egypt and Algeria.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Syed Ameer Hamza Hasan Regional Manager, Marketing                    
69 Jul 2010 Bank Audi sal-Audi Saradar Group Bank Audi sal-Audi Saradar Group Lebanon Beyrouth Beirut   Algeria|Egypt|Jordan|Syria|Tunisia Financial Services Financial Services   Bank Audi, Lebanon’s largest lender by asset, is to continue to focus on
consolidating and strengthening its presence in markets including,
Egypt, Syria and Jordan and plans to enter new markets like Algeria and
Tunisia, as part of a new strategy to strengthen and diversify its
business outside Lebanon. The company’s ultimate aim is to become a
regional bank through cross-selling markets and business lines.
New Investment Strategy   Freddie Baz Director, Strategy                    
70 Jun 2010 Drake & Scull International Drake & Scull International UAE Dubai Dubai   Egypt|India Business Services Industrial Business Services Drake & Scull International, a United Arab Emirates-based engineering
and contracting company, plans to enter the market in the Indian
subcontinent, and is in talks with several Indian companies about a
joint venture or an acquisition. The firm is also focusing on Egpyt, and
plans to acquire two companies in Saudi Arabia.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Khaldoun Tabari Chief Executive Officer