Investor Signals


# Actual Signal Date Investing Company Parent Company Revenue ( USD m) Employees Source country Source State Source City Destination Region(s) Destination Country(s) Industry Sector(s) Industry Cluster(s) Industry Activity(s) Description Signals Data source Contact name (1) Position (1) Email (1) Telephone (1) Contact name (2) Position (2) Email (2) Telephone (2) Contact name (3) Position (3) Email (3) Telephone (3)
1 Oct 2018 Silicon Industries Corporation (SICO Technology) Silicon Industries Corporation (SICO Technology)     Egypt Giza Giza   Democratic Republic of
Congo|Ghana|Kenya|Morocco|Mozambique|Nigeria|South Africa
Communications ICT & Electronics   Egypt-based smartphone manufacturer SICO Technology is seeking to expand
its market reach with plans to enter the wider African market by late
2018/early 2019. The company aims to sell its Nile X smartphone range to
Kenya, Morocco, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Nigeria,
Mozambique and Ghana.
New Investment Strategy Ahmad el-Sawaf Manager (International), Business Development     Mahmoud Ali Director, Sales            
2 Oct 2018 Cepsa International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) 51183.65 72823 UAE Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi   Morocco Coal, oil & gas Energy Logistics, Distribution & Transportation|Retail|Sales, Marketing &
Cepsa, a subsidiary of United Arab Emirates-based International
Petroleum Investment Company, has announced its interest in expanding in
the Moroccan market. It sees it as the preferred market for expansion
due to its proximity to existing refineries on the south coast of Spain
and plans to establish an integrated downstream business in the north of
Morocco, as well focusing on retail, business to business sales, and
New Investment Strategy                        
3 Aug 2018 Revolution Precrafted Revolution Precrafted     Philippines National Capital Region (NCR) Makati Africa|Middle East Egypt|Morocco|Saudi Arabia Business services|Real estate Professional Services   Philippines-based Revolution Precrafted Properties, an architect firm
which designs and delivers pre-crafted homes and pavilions, plans to
expand its operations in the Middle East and north Africa. The company
will focus its activities in Morocco, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
New Investment Strategy Robbie Antonio Chief Executive Officer                    
4 Mar 2018 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (Fiat) Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (Fiat) 123535 198545 United Kingdom South East (UK) London   Egypt|Morocco|South Africa Automotive components|Automotive OEM Transport Equipment Manufacturing UK-based Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is considering establishing a
manufacturing facility in several countries, including South Africa,
Egypt and Morocco. The company has held talks with the Federation of
Egyptian Industries to study the feasibility of setting up manufacturing
operations in Egypt.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)                        
5 Feb 2018 Pestana Pestana 35.201   Portugal Portugal Lisbon Asia-Pacific|Emerging Europe|Middle East|Western Europe Morocco|United States Hotels & tourism Tourism Construction Portugal-based Pestana Group, a tourism and leisure group, is to invest
E200m to open 20 new hotels by 2020. Half of the hotels will be in
Portugal and the other half in the US and Europe, with Ibiza and Milan
among possible locations. The company also hopes to expand further in
Morocco, Asia and the Middle East.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)|New Investment Strategy Jose Roquette Head, Development and Expansion                    
6 Dec 2017 Dar Al Arkan Dar Al Arkan     Saudi Arabia Riyadh Riyadh Emerging Europe|Western Europe Morocco Real estate Construction Construction Saudi Arabia-based Dar Al Arkan, a real estate investment company, is
considering establishing future housing investments in Morocco or
Europe. The company is in a strong position with more than $800m cash to
invest in real estate opportunities.
New Investment Strategy                        
7 Jan 2017 Vezeeta Vezeeta     Egypt Cairo Cairo   Jordan|Kuwait|Lebanon|Morocco|Qatar|Saudi Arabia|UAE Software & IT services Life sciences   Egypt-based Vezeeta, a leader in healthcare IT platforms offering
automated physician, clinic and hospital bookings, has raised $5m in
funding from BECO Capital, Vostok New Ventures, Silicon Badia and
Technology Development Fund. The company currently covers three Egyptian
cities with future expansion plans to integrate additional MENA
countries, moving aggressively into the United Arab Emirates, Saudi
Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Kuwait, and Qatar by June 2018.
New Funding/Resources for Expansion   Amir Barsoum Chief Executive Officer                    
8 Oct 2016 Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) 45241.56 117321 Japan Kanto Tokyo   Kenya|Morocco Financial services Financial Services Business Services Japan-based Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, a provider of financial
services, is considering opening new offices in Kenya and Morocco. The
proposed locations would allow the firm to better support the
investments of Japanese companies in Africa.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)                          
9 Oct 2016 Kribhco Shyam Fertilizers Krishak Bharati Cooperative (KRIBHCO) 909.622   India Uttar Pradesh Noida   Morocco Chemicals Food, Beverages & Tobacco Manufacturing Kribhco Shyam Fertilizers, a manufacturer of nitrogenous fertilisers and
a subsidiary of India-based Krishak Bharati Cooperative, may establish a
new phosphoric acid unit in Morocco. The company has recently announced
a 50-50 joint venture manufacturing facility in India with Morocco-based
Office Cherifien des Phosphate (OCP) as part of a broader strategic
cooperation between both companies.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Chandra Pal Singh Chairman, Kribhco Shyam Fertilizers                    
10 Jul 2016 Hikma Pharmaceuticals Hikma Pharmaceuticals 1875.67 8339 United Kingdom South East (UK) London   Morocco Pharmaceuticals Life sciences Manufacturing UK-based Hikma Pharmaceuticals, a manufacturer of pharmaceutical
products, is considering Morocco as a possible location for its new west
African hub. The company has been present in Morocco since 2011 and also
operates in Tunisia.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)                          
11 Jul 2016 Raya Contact Center Raya Holding 569.117   Egypt Giza 6th of October City   Morocco|United Kingdom Business services Professional Services Customer Contact Centre Raya Contact Center, an outsourcing services provider and subsidiary of
Egypt-based Raya Holding, is considering establishing two new customer
contact centres in Morocco and the UK. The company has recently opened
new facilities in the United Arab Emirates, Poland and Egypt and aims to
increase its number of employees to 12,000 through additional
investments in 2017.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Medhat Khalil Chairman                    
12 Apr 2016 Canon Canon 36021.3   Japan Kanto Tokyo   Egypt|Morocco|Nigeria|South Africa Business machines & equipment|Consumer electronics Consumer Goods|ICT & Electronics Sales, Marketing & Support Japan-based Canon, a manufacturer of imaging and optical products, is
considering establishing an African hub in either Morocco, Egypt, South
Africa or Nigeria. Expected to open in 2017, the hub will co-ordinate
the company’s activities on the continent.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)                          
13 Apr 2016 Renault Renault 64391.5 181340 France Ile-de-France Boulogne-Billancourt   Morocco Automotive OEM Transport Equipment   France-based automotive company Renault is to invest E912m ($1.04bn) in
Morocco. The company has signed a partnership agreement and plans to
create 50,000 new jobs as part of the strategic project. The investment
is expected to double the firm’s revenue in the country.
New Investment Strategy                          
14 Feb 2016 Cleopatra Group Cleopatra Group     Egypt Giza Giza   Eswatini|Guinea|Kenya|Morocco|South Africa Ceramics & glass|Wood products Consumer Goods|Wood, Apparel & Related Products   Egypt-based Cleopatra Group, a ceramics specialist, plans to invest in a
number of countries across Africa. The company is targeting South
Africa, Kenya, Guinea, Morroco, and Swaziland during 2016, with
investments possibly encompassing large-scale industrial projects.
New Investment Strategy   Mohamed Abou el-Enein Chairperson                    
15 Jan 2016 Masdar Mubadala Development 9421.38   UAE Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi   Egypt|India|Jordan|Morocco Renewable energy Environmental Technology Electricity Masdar, a subsidiary of United Arab Emirates-based Mubadala Development,
has indicated that it is considering new investments in Morocco, Egypt
and Jordan. The company has pointed to the strong potential for both
wind and solar power projects. The company has also highlighted India as
a potential growth location.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi Chief Executive Officer, Masdar                    
16 Aug 2015 Sterling And Wilson Shapoorji Pallonji (Group) 4300   India Maharashtra Mumbai   Egypt|Jordan|Morocco Renewable energy Environmental Technology Electricity Sterling and Wilson, a provider of contract mechanical, electrical and
plumbing services which operates as a subsidiary of India-based
Shapoorji Pallonji, is exploring the possibility of setting up around
300 megawatts of solar power capacity in Morocco, Jordan and Egypt. The
firm is currently setting up 200 megawatts of solar farms in South
Africa and the Philippines.
New Investment Strategy                          
17 May 2015 Job and Talent Job and Talent     Spain Comunidad de Madrid Madrid   Chile|Colombia|Morocco|Spain|United Kingdom|United States Software & IT services Professional Services   Spain-based Job and Talent, a social media recruitment platform
operator, has raised E23m ($25.01m) in funding led by Pelayo Cortina
Koplowitz. The company will use the investment to further enhance its
technology, expand its product development team and strengthen its
position within international markets such as Spain, the UK and Mexico,
Colombia, Chile and the US.
New Funding/Resources for Expansion   Juan Urdiales Co-Founder                    
18 May 2015 Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile (DPCA) Groupe PSA (PSA Peugeot-Citroen) 83128 196890 France Ile-de-France Paris   Morocco|Vietnam Automotive OEM Transport Equipment Manufacturing Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroen Automobile, a joint venture of France-based PSA
Peugeot-Citroen, is considering manufacturing investments in Vietnam and
Morocco. The company is likely to partner with Truong Hai Auto
Corporation in Vietnam. The firm is also considering establishing a
manufacturing plant in Morocco. An announcement on the facility may be
made in June 2015, which is expected to have a capacity of less than
100,000 units per year.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)                          
19 Feb 2015 Swiss-Belhotel Swiss-Belhotel     Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong   Egypt|Indonesia|Jordan|Morocco|Tunisia|Turkey Hotels & tourism Tourism Construction Hong Kong-based hotel company Swiss-Belhotel plans to enter into new
markets as part of its international expansion plan in the Middle East
and north Africa during 2015. The company is interested in entering
markets including Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco as well as grow its
existing presence in Indonesia. It is also in negotiations to enter the
Jordanian market. Additionally, Swiss-Belhotel will open new hotels in
the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and Iraq.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Noel Massoud Head (Middle East), Operations and Development                    
20 Dec 2014     UAE Sharjah Sharjah   Jordan|Morocco|Nepal|Qatar|Sri Lanka|Turkey Hotels & tourism Tourism   United Arab Emirates-based, an online travel firm, is
considering entering new global markets. The company is eyeing gulf
countries such as Turkey, Morocco, Jordan and Qatar, as well as the
Indian sub-continent including Nepal and Sri Lanka. has
existing plans for new office openings in India.
New Investment Strategy   Sachin Gadoya Managing Director                    
21 Oct 2014 Renault Renault 64391.5 181340 France Ile-de-France Boulogne-Billancourt   Morocco Automotive components Transport Equipment Manufacturing France-based Renault, an automobile manufacturer, is considering
establishing a production facility in Morocco. The factory would produce
engines to help meet increasing production in the country and reduce
import costs. Renault will ensure that there is a strong enough supply
chain on the ground before committing.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Thierry Bollore Chief Executive Officer                    
22 Oct 2014 Toyota Toyota Motor 262723 369124 Japan Chubu Toyota   Algeria|Morocco|Nigeria Automotive OEM Transport Equipment Manufacturing Toyota, a subsidiary of Japan-based Toyota Motor, is considering
establishing an automobile production facility in Africa. The company
has narrowed its search to Nigeria, Morocco and Algeria, all potential
locations for the plant.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)                          
23 May 2014 Dyson Dyson 4820 12000 United Kingdom South West (UK) Not Specified   Algeria|Egypt|Morocco|Nigeria Consumer electronics Consumer Goods   UK-based Dyson, a global vacuum cleaner manufacturer, plans to gain a
foothold in Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria and Egypt. The company intends to
invest further in R&D to expand its business in emerging markets.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Adam Garner Manager (International), Distribution                    
24 Sep 2013 Faurecia Groupe PSA (PSA Peugeot-Citroen) 83128 196890 France Ile-de-France Paris   Morocco|Poland|Romania|Russia Automotive components Transport Equipment   Faurecia, a subsidiary of France-based PSA Peugeot-Citroen, has raised
E122.5m ($165m) to support its expansion plans in Morocco, Poland,
Romania and Russia. The company has raised the expansion funds through a
loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Faurecia
offers services in four areas of the automotive industry including
automotive seating, interior systems, emission control technologies and
automotive exteriors.
New Funding/Resources for Expansion|New Investment Strategy                          
25 Aug 2013 Groupe PSA (PSA Peugeot-Citroen) Groupe PSA (PSA Peugeot-Citroen) 83128 196890 France Ile-de-France Paris   Morocco|Portugal|Spain Automotive components|Automotive OEM Transport Equipment Design, Development & Testing|Research & Development France-based automotive giant PSA Peugeot Citroen plans to open a new
R&D centre. The company is considering Spain, Portugal and Morocco as
potential locations.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)                          
26 Aug 2013 Suitsupply Suitsupply 285.958 1600 Netherlands West-Nederland Amsterdam   Angola|Kenya|Morocco|Nigeria|South Africa Textiles Retail Trade Retail Netherlands-based Suitsupply, a suit and clothing supplier for men, has
indicated plans to expand its international retail portfolio into
Africa. The company is currently evaluating plans to open outlets in
South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya and Angola and expects to launch a
dedicated Africa website by September 2013.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Fokke de Jong Chief Executive Officer                    
27 Jul 2012 Plexus Plexus 19.7   Spain Galicia Santiago de Compostela   Colombia|Ecuador|Morocco|Peru Software & IT services ICT & Electronics   Spain-based business technology firm Plexus has announced its
international expansion plans. The company will, in partnership with
other Spanish companies, seek to establish a network of contacts in
Morocco, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia
New Investment Strategy   Antonio Agrasar Chief Executive Officer                    
28 May 2012 Toyota Boshoku Toyota Motor 262723 369124 Japan Chubu Toyota   Morocco|Myanmar|Pakistan|Venezuela Automotive components Transport Equipment Manufacturing Automotive component manufacturer Toyota Boshoku, a subsidiary of
Japan-based Toyota Motor, is planning to expand its operations in
developing markets. The company is considering establishing a
manufacturing plant in Myanmar, with developments in the political and
security situation influencing any decision. It is also seeking to
increase its business in Pakistan, Venezuela and Morocco.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)|New Investment Strategy   Shuhei Toyoda Chairman, Toyota Boshoku                    
29 Mar 2012 Sonae Sierra Sonae 6727.74 40738 Portugal Portugal Maia   Algeria|Colombia|Germany|Italy|Morocco Real estate Construction|Professional Services   Spanish property developer Sonae Sierra has announced that several
countries stand within its focus in 2012. It has highlighted Italy and
reiterated its interest in Germany. Further afield, the company would
like to actively explore further opportunities in Morocco, where it won
a contract in April 2011, as well as Colombia and Algeria where it is
already present.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)|New Investment Strategy   Fernando Guedes de Oliveira Chief Executive Officer, Sonae Sierra                    
30 Nov 2011 Li & Fung Group Li & Fung Group 19288.5   Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong   Morocco Consumer products Consumer Goods   Hong-Kong based Li & Fung, which is engaged in the trading of consumer
products, is planning to invest $300m in Morrocco over a three year
period, beginning in 2012.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)                          
31 Oct 2011 UPS-Aptec Aegion (Insituform Technologies) 914.97   United States Missouri Chesterfield (MO)   Morocco Industrial equipment Environmental Technology   UPS-Aptec, a 51-49 joint venture between US-based Insituform and
Chile-based Allied Pipeline Technologies, has won a 67.3m contract to
install around 135 miles of high density polyethylene (HDPE) liner in
pipelines located in the Khouribga basin in Morocco. This is the largest
single project in the company’s history.
New Overseas Supplier Contracts   J Joseph Burgess Chief Executive Officer                    
32 Oct 2011 International Power Engie (GDF SUEZ) (Gaz de France) 73731.06   France Ile-de-France Paris   India|Morocco|South Africa Coal, oil & gas|Renewable energy Energy|Environmental Technology Electricity Power plant operator International Power, a subsidiary of France-based
GDF Suez, may expand into India, South Africa and Morocco, in order to
meet electricity demand in emerging markets. The company is currently
conducting a strategic review of the Indian market and in South Africa
the company is considering a peaking plant and wind projects. In
Morocco, the company is further along and is actively reviewing specific
Considering Project (New or Expansion)|New Investment Strategy   Philip Cox Chief Executive Officer, International Power                    
33 Aug 2011 Solarhybrid Solarhybrid     Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen Brilon   Bahrain|India|Morocco|South Africa|Tunisia|UAE Renewable energy Environmental Technology   Solarhybrid, a Germany-based renewable energy company, has announced
that it is in negotiations for joint venture projects and rights to
renewable energy developments in Bahrain, India, Morocco, South Africa,
Tunisia and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The company is mainly
involved in the construction and operation of solar-powered photovoltaic
plants and recently set up a new subsidiary company in the US to tap
into the local energy market.
New Investment Strategy   Albert Klein Chief Financial Officer                    
34 May 2011 Bombardier Aerospace Bombardier 16236 69500 Canada Quebec Montreal   Morocco|Turkey Aerospace Transport Equipment Manufacturing Canada-based aerospace giant Bombardier Aerospace is considering
establishing a new manufacturing plant in either Morocco or Turkey. The
company is considering different kinds of investments in emerging
economies in order to develop its global capacity. No time frame has yet
been announced regarding the possible investment.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Guy Hachey Chief Operating Officer, Bombardier Aerospace                    
35 Apr 2011 Sonae Sierra Sonae 6727.74 40738 Portugal Portugal Maia   Morocco Business services Construction Business Services Sonae Sierra, a subsidiary of Portugal-based Sonae, has won a contract
with Marjane and Fonciere Chellah to provide development services on a
new shopping centre complex to be constructed in Casablanca, Morocco.
The company will be involved in market surveys, definition of layouts,
architectural concept and project management for the site, which will
cover 40,700 sq m and is expected to open in 2013. It will be the
company’s first operation in the country
New Overseas Supplier Contracts   Fernando Guedes de Oliveira Chief Executive Officer, Sonae Sierra                    
36 Mar 2011 Cimpor Cimpor 2946.25   Portugal Portugal Lisbon   Morocco|Mozambique Building materials Construction   Portuguese cement maker Cimpor plans to explore further opportunities in
Morocco and Mozambique, as well as expand existing operations in
Morocco. The company has operations in Egypt and Tunisia and is
currently constructing a plant in Brazil.
New Investment Strategy   Antonio Varela Chief Financial Officer                    
37 Mar 2011 Building Astrom Building Astrom 23.3   Romania Romania Pitesti   Morocco Real estate Construction Construction Romanian construction company Building Astrom has won a E34m ($47m)
contract in Morocco. The company will build 12 blocks of flats in a
public-private partnership with the Rabat city hall. The project will be
carried out in two phases.
New Overseas Supplier Contracts   Marian Dragoi General Manager                    
38 Mar 2011 Sinohydro Sinohydro 1610.93   China Beijing Municipality Beijing   Iran|Morocco   Construction Construction China-based Sinohydro has won a contract from the Moroccan National
Company for Highways, to be the main contractor for a highway bypass
motorway, in Morocco. The contract, worth $240m, is to construct a 40
kilometre highway in Rabat, the capital of Morocco. As soon as the
project is completed, the existing highways between Rabat and Casablanca
will be well connected. The company has also won a contract from the
Iranian Zanjan Regional Water Company, to Build a Rmb10.04bn ($1.53bn)
dam and power plant in Iran. The new plant will be located in Iran’s
western province of Lorestan and will have a total installed capacity of
108 mega watts.
New Overseas Supplier Contracts                          
39 Jan 2011 Cummins Cummins 20428 58600 United States Indiana Columbus (IN)   Angola|Egypt|Morocco|Nigeria|South Africa Engines & turbines Transport Equipment Manufacturing US-based engine maker Cummins is looking at opportunities to invest $75m
in Africa by 2016. The funds would be invested in building engines used
in sectors such as mining, power generation and oil and gas. Egypt,
Angola, Nigeria, Morocco and South Africa are countries which may be
invested in. The company already has operations in Nigeria and South
New Investment Strategy   Tim Solso Chief Executive Officer                    
40 Dec 2010 Daewoo Engineering Posco Daewoo (Daewoo) 21136.3   South Korea Seoul Seoul   Morocco Renewable energy Environmental Technology Construction South Korea-based Daewoo’s subsidiary, Daewoo Engineering and
Construction has won a Won1200bn ($1.05bn) order to build a thermal
power plant in Morocco. The 700 megawatt plant will be built in an
industrial complex south-west of Casablanca. The company plans to
complete construction by April 2014.
New Overseas Supplier Contracts                          
41 Dec 2010 Isolux Corsan Isolux Corsan 123.694773 8000 Spain Comunidad de Madrid Madrid   Algeria|Brazil|France|Greece|India|Mexico|Morocco|United States Renewable energy Environmental Technology Electricity Spanish construction company Isolux Corsan plans to globalise its
activity overseas as a leading independent power producer. The company
is specifically eyeing countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Greece,
France, the US, India, Mexico and Brazil.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)                          
42 Dec 2010 DPH Holdings (Delphi) DPH Holdings (Delphi) 16661   United States Michigan Troy (MI)   Morocco Automotive components Transport Equipment Manufacturing US-based automotive electronics company Delphi is considering opening a
manufacturing plant in Morocco. The unit, which may be set up in
Kenitra, would be the second recent investment made by the company into
the country, following a plant in Tangier. More than 2500 jobs may be
created between the two units.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)                          
43 Jul 2010 Grupo ADI Grupo ADI 6.99   Spain Catalonia Terrassa   France|Morocco Transportation Physical Sciences   Following the establishment of overseas subsidiaries in France and
Morocco, Spain-based Grupo ADI, engaged in distribution and logistics
for the chemical industry, is considering adding a logistics platform in
France and investing in logistics in Morocco.  The company does not
currently manufacture its own products but it is also considering
establishing a production facility.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Jordi Simo Chief Executive Officer                    
44 Jul 2010 Kansai Paint Kansai Paint 2956.61 14830 Japan Kansai Osaka   Algeria|Egypt|Morocco|Saudi Arabia Chemicals Industrial Manufacturing Kansai Paint, a Japan-based paints manufacturer, is considering further
expansion in the Middle East and North Africa. The company is
considering opening a plant in Saudi Arabia if the market becomes big
enough. It is also considering setting up further plants in Morocco,
Egypt and Algeria.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Syed Ameer Hamza Hasan Regional Manager, Marketing                    
45 Jun 2010 Volvo Buses Volvo 41419.51 99488 Sweden Sweden Gothenburg   Morocco Automotive OEM Transport Equipment   Volvo Buses, the bus making subsidiary of Volvo, has received an order
for 400 city buses for Casablanca, Morocco. Delivery of the buses will
commence in September 2010 and will be completed by the close of 2011.
Volvo Buses’ only African presence is in Botswana.
New Overseas Supplier Contracts   Jan Vandooren Director (Africa and Middle East), Volvo Buses                    
46 May 2010 Google Google 66001 73992 United States California Mountain View (CA)   Morocco Software & IT services ICT & Electronics Sales, Marketing & Support Californian Internet giant Google is considering opening an office in
Morocco. The company has been looking in the country for a suitable
location and has been reported to be considering two sites within the
country- Casanearshore, near Casablanca and a Technopark in Rabat.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Nikesh Arora Senior Executive                    
47 Jan 2010 Engro Corporation (Engro Chemical Pakistan) Engro Corporation (Engro Chemical Pakistan)     Pakistan Not Specified Not Specified   Algeria|Morocco|Tunisia Chemicals Food, Beverages & Tobacco Manufacturing Pakistan-based Engro Corporation, formerly known as Engro Chemical
Pakistan, is to invest $1bn in North Africa. The company intends to
build a phosphate fertiliser plant in the region and is currently
considering three countries for the project: Morocco, Algeria and
Tunisia. The decision is expected to be made in 2010.
Considering Project (New or Expansion)   Asad Umar Chief Executive