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Export Credit Insurance

Arab Export Credit Insurance Scheme:

Dhaman runs the Arab Export Credit Insurance Scheme designed to support and encourage Arab exporters’ efforts to enhance their exports to Arab and non-Arab Markets and thus increasing inter-Arab trade and Arab exports worldwide.


This scheme offers the following advantages:

  1. Protection against non-payment risk.
  2. Increased ability to compete by enabling exporters to offer their buyers flexible credit terms, such as cheques, bills of exchange, or banking transfer, instead of insisting on advance payments or confirmed letters of credit, all without the fear of non-payment.
  3. Allowing the exporter to obtain financing from banks immediately after shipment and not having to wait for the due date by discounting the insured commercial papers and assigning the right to receive compensation to financing/discounting bank.
  4. Obtaining compensation at rate reaches up 100% of the loss.

Terms of Insurance

Our main goal is to help increase two-way trade flows between Arab member countries and the world by providing cover to:

  1. Exports from member countries worldwide: all goods and services of Arab origin are eligible. A certificate of origin delivered by an Arab Chamber of Commerce will attest to the Arab origin of the exported goods or services.
  2. Exports from a non-member country to a member country: developmentally sound goods and services such as equipment, commodities, raw materials, turnkey projects are eligible.

Insurance Contracts

In support of Arab exporters’ efforts to expand their exports, Dhaman provides them with expertise and offers necessary advice on the risks associated with buyers’ ability to service their obligations. It also provides exporters with a comprehensive coverage to avoid the effect of such risks on the prosperity and growth of their businesses.

For this purpose, Dhaman offers 3 tailor-made insurance contracts; each designed to meet the specific requirements of different export transactions:


Comprehensive insurance contract

This contract insures Arab exports credit to a number of importers from Arab and non-Arab countries, against commercial and/or non-commercial risks.
The contract covers revolving credits granted to importers on non confirmed L/C based, for a period not exceeding 360 days. Contract validity is one year, automatically renewable.
Dhaman compensates the insured exporter against realized risks up to 90% of incurred loss.
For further information including the insurance premium or Terms and Conditions, please send your inquiries, or set an appointment to receive a phone call from one of Dhaman’s insurance experts.


Specific Insurance Contract

This contract covers joint or selective commercial and/or non-commercial risks for one export transaction to a specific importer. This contract may cover non-commercial risks for one specific export transaction concluded with a State/Government owned importer.
The contract tenor is related to the transaction itself, and expires upon final settlement of all dues.
Upon occurrence of a covered risk, compensation of up to 90% of the incurred loss is paid to the exporter.
For further information, please send your inquiries, or set an appointment to receive a phone call from one of Dhaman’s insurance experts.


Unconfirmed Letter of Credit Insurance Contract

This contract insures commercial and non-commercial risks of dues under an Irrevocable Unconfirmed Letter of Credit (L/C) issued by banks accepted by Dhaman, in favour of an Arab exporter.
Dhaman compensates the exporter against realized risks up to 100% of the L/C value.
For further information including the insurance premium, please send your inquiries, or set an appointment to receive a phone call from one of Dhaman’s insurance experts.


Insurance Procedure


Dhaman, continuously, works to simplify insurance procedures to meet the increasing demand on commercial transactions. These procedures include:


Insurance application:
An insurance application should be first submitted to present the proposed export transaction along with a brief on the exporters. Insurance applications are available on Dhaman’s website.


Signing Insurance contract:
Based on the information provided in the application form and the information collected on buyers or issuing banks, Dhaman provides an offer to the exporter indicating the limit approved for each buyer. If offer is accepted, an insurance contract is signed.


Shipments Declaration:
(for comprehensive and specific insurance contracts)

  • Comprehensive insurance policy: monthly declaration showing the value of shipped goods for each buyer.
  • Specific insurance contract: declaration within 10 days as from date of shipment.