About Dhaman

Board of Directors

Dhaman’s Board of Directors consists of nine part-time members, appointed by the Shareholders’ Council every three years. The Board elects one of its members to act as Chairman, on a part-time basis for three years. The Board convenes every four months at Dhaman’s headquarters and for the current term (2020 – 2023) consists of the following members:


H.E. Dr. Naif Bin Abdul Rahman Al-Shammari     Chairman

H.E. Mr. Jamal Abdullah Farraj Alghanim    Member

H.E. Mrs. Mariam Mohamed Alameeri     Member

H.E. Dr. Mukhtar Elhadi Eltaweel     Member

H.E. Mr. Khaled Mohammed Al-Suwaidi     Member

H.E. Mrs. Faiza Frad     Member

H.E. Dr. Ali Abdul Qadir     Member

H.E. Dr. Hassan Hamdan     Member

H.E. Mr. Anis Bin Awad Baharithah     Member



Dhaman’s Shareholders Council is the highest authority in the Corporation and has the necessary power to ensure execution of its functions, most importantly, the formulation of general policies, rules and regulations, matters pertinent to guarantees, financial and administrative matters, and appointment of the Board of Directors and the Director General. The Shareholders’ Council consists of a representative of Dhaman’s member countries.


The Director General is responsible for the management of the Corporation in conformity with the bylaws, regulations and decisions made by the Shareholders Council and the Board of Directors.

Present Director General is: Mr. ِAbdullah A. Alsabeeh