About Dhaman

Our History


Serving Arab investors and exporters for nearly four decades

1974 Establishment of “Dhaman”.
1975 “Dhaman” starts providing non-commercial risk insurance cover for inter-Arab investments.
1986 “Dhaman” starts providing cover for trade between Member countries against commercial and non-commercial.
2001 “Dhaman” extends export credit insurance to cover exports from Member to non-member countries.
2006 “Dhaman” launches the Confirmed Documentary Credit Insurance Policy to cover confirming banks against the default of the issuing banks (commercial and non-commercial risks).
2008 “Dhaman” obtains its first rating ever by S&P “AA- ,Stable outlook”.
2009 Launching of “AMAN UNION”, the Union of Commercial & Non-commercial Risks Insurers & Reinsurers in the Arab and Islamic countries.
2009 “Dhaman” extends its eligibility criteria to:
• Existing investments.
• Non-Arab investors investing in Arab Member countries.
• Exports from non-Member countries to Member countries provided the underlying transaction is developmentally sound for the Member country (commodities, food, equipment etc.).

2010 “Dhaman” launches the Factoring insurance contract to cover lessors against the default of the lessees (commercial and non-commercial risks).
2011 “Dhaman” starts providing cover against commercial risks only for sales within the same member country. Domestic credit insurance is provided as part of a portfolio that includes both exports and domestic sales.
2015 On April 2015 S&P’s rating agency reaffirms Dhaman’s “AA” rating but revised with Outlook to negative from stable
2015 Under Investment Guarantee Scheme, Dhaman extended covered risks to include the following non-commercial Risks: Creeping Expropriation, Business Interruption and Terrorism and Sabotage.
2016 S&P rating agency reaffirms Dhaman’s rating, but revised with Outlook to stable from negative.
2017 S&P rating agency reaffirms Dhaman’s rating, with stable Outlook.
2018 S&P rating agency reaffirms Dhaman’s rating, with stable Outlook.
2019 S&P Global Ratings lowered its long-term issuer and financial strength credit ratings on The Arab Investment and Export Credit Guarantee Corp. (Dhaman) to ‘AA-‘ from ‘AA’, under the revised criteria for Multilateral Lending Institutions (MLIs) issued in December 2018; while affirming Dhaman’s stable outlook.
2020 Standard & Poor’s maintain the Rating “AA-” of “Investment Guarantee” for 2020 with Stable Outlook.