Office of the Director General


Mrs. Samah Sawalha
Head, Office of the Director General
Tel: +965 24959555
Mr. Omar Omran
Head, Office of the Director General for Board and Shareholder Affairs
Tel: +965 249595406

Mr. Adnan Al-Attar
Head, Public Relations
Tel: +965 24959544

Operations Department

 Mr. Mohamad F. Chatti
Director of Operations Department
Tel: +965  24959548

 Mr. Yasser A. Ragab
Assistant Director, Operations  Department
Export Credit Insurance
Tel: +965  24959511

Mrs. Shaimaa Aldoussari
Head of Financial Institutions Unit, Operations  Department
Tel: +965  24959540

Mr. Slim Lahiani
Head, Marketing Unit
Tel :+965  24959517

Financial Investments Department


Mr. Ismail S. Botan
Director of Financial Investments Department
Tel: +965  24959505

ِFinancial and Administration Department

Mr. Hesham Seyam
Director of Financial and Administration Department
Tel: +965  24959503

Research and Country Risk Assessment Department

Ahmed Eldabaa
Head of Research & Publications Unit
Tel: +965  24959562

Legal Department

Mr. Hashem Abu Hilal
Acting Director of the Legal Department
Tel: +965  24959572