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Our Products


Highly rated by S&P for Dhaman’s Financial & Credit Strong Profile

“Dhaman” runs “The Arab investment insurance scheme” that aims at encouraging Arab and non-Arab investors to invest in Arab member countries by providing Political Risks Insurance cover to investors and lenders and paying adequate compensation is case of an insured political risk materialisation.
The political risks insurance offered by “Dhaman” enables investors, financiers and contractors to concentrate on the implementation of their projects without the fear of external events that can lead to losing the invested capital and realized earnings.
Dhaman runs the Arab Export Credit Insurance Scheme designed to support and encourage Arab exporters’ efforts to enhance their exports to Arab and non-Arab Markets and thus increasing inter-Arab trade and Arab exports worldwide.

Dhaman offers Arab and foreign financial institutions (FI’s) a whole range of insurance products that cover their project and trade finance activities related to the Arab World. These insurance products are offered through Dhaman’s two insurance schemes; Investment Guarantee and Export Credit Insurance; both designed to serve Dhaman’s ultimate mission for the region’s economic and social development. To accomplish its developmental role, Dhaman has been partnering with, FI’s from different parts of the world in order to promote the flow of Arab and foreign investments into the Arab countries, and to support export of Arab goods and services over the world while enabling Arab countries to import strategically and developmentally sound commodities, goods, machinery and equipment needed by national economies.The insurance products offered by Dhaman cover the losses that financial institutions may incur in case of failure of the obligor (financed investors, importers, LC issuing banks…) to honor his financial obligations.

Dhaman’s Non-honoring of Sovereign Financial Obligations (NHSFO) policy is intended to financial institutions that provide loans to sovereign and sub-sovereign entities for infrastructure projects and other developmentally sound investments in Arab countries.

Dhaman offers additional underwriting capacities to Export Credit Agencies and insurance companies from both public and private sectors by re-insuring or co-insuring credit and political risks underwritten by these entities.