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Lease Insurance Policy

Dhaman provides Arab-leasing companies with a comprehensive insurance solution that covers the risks of default of payment of the lessees. The lessee commercial and political risks may lead to the default of payment of the lease installments or the residual value of the leased asset. The lease insurance policy covers also the risks of denying the lessor’s rights of ownership on the leased assets.
The insurance policy covers also non-Arab lease companies leasing varied types of assets to Arab lessees whether it was on operational or financial lease basis. The lease insurance policy period depends on the lease contract terms. In case of any insured risk materialization during the policy period, Dhaman compensates the lessor at an average rate of 90% of incurred loss.


Covered Risks

  • Commercial risks:
    – Bankruptcy of the lessee
    – Protracted default of the lessee
  • Political risks:
    – Transfer restrictions
    – War and civil disturbances
    – Confiscation, Expropriation and Nationalization
    – Public and governmental Entities default of payment

Eligibility criteria
Eligible Lease Transactions:
Operational and financial lease of machineries, equipment or transportation vehicles are eligible for insurance.
Eligible Lessors:
Arab and non-Arab lessors.

Lease Insurance application form (PDF)